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Who We Are

Our work would not be possible without our incredible team. 


Allyson Walsh, PhD
Fundraising and Communications Officer

Allyson Walsh is a nature recovery biologist, science communicator, and six-figure fundraiser. She has over two decades of experience managing projects dedicated to protecting biodiversity in collaboration with community networks, scientists, and educators globally.
Allyson holds a degree in biology from the University of Southampton, and a doctorate in the landscape ecology from the University of Bristol.
Combining her lifelong passion for nature with her penchant for writing to secure foundation and corporate alliances, Allyson has facilitated successful endangered species rescue and recovery collaborations, published numerous scientific papers, and has been recognized for excellence in conservation project leadership. She has worked for UK and USA non-profits, including San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

An active member of the AZA Field Conservation Committee and Bat Taxonomic Advisory Group for many years, Allyson is passionate about the role zoos and collections are able play in applied onservation. She is a long-term member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Bat Specialist Group. Most recently Allyson led science communications for a network of bioscience researchers bridging the University of Cambridge and biotech industry partners. This sparked an interest advancing the use of new biotechnology tools to help solve conservation’s most intractable problems. Her goal is to do the work that needs to get done to protect, restore, and revive wildlife biodiversity globally.

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