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Who We Are

Our work would not be possible without our incredible team. 

Committee Members

James Brereton
PHD Student

James Brereton is a PhD candidate at Chester Zoo and Nottingham Trent University. Having started the PhD in January 2023, James is investigating the role of cryoconservation as a strategy to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. His project has three key aims: initially, he will be investigating the types of strategies that cryoconservationists are using to select individuals and species for sampling. He then plans to identify the challenges that are being faced by cryoconservationists, and how these could be overcome. Finally, he will be investigating the potential benefits of cryoconserved samples and how they could be implemented into endangered species recovery. He has attended the first Clouded leopard conference to discuss the potential value of cryoconservation in population sustainability.

Prior to enrolling as a PhD candidate, James has worked with several UK animal collections including ZSL London Zoo and Beale Wildlife Park, and completed his MSc in Wild Animal Biology at the Royal Veterinary College and Institute of Zoology in London. James is passionate about the role of zoos in the conservation of rare and endangered species, and the exciting role that cryobanks such as Nature’s SAFE may play in Saving Animals from Extinction.

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