Nature’s SAFE at the
Natural History Museum

Nature’s SAFE are delighted to announce, and invite you to their inaugural charity event

Join us on Thursday 23 February 2023

The evening will showcase the work Nature’s SAFE are doing and you will hear from internationally renowned speakers shining a light on global conservation efforts, and the ongoing work that must be done.

The evening will begin at 7pm where you will be shown through the ‘Images of Nature’ gallery into a sparkling reception. Here you will have a chance to browse the exhibition and mingle with other guests. The Founder and Chair of the Charity, Tullis Matson, will welcome you to the Natural History Museum and provide a deeper insight into the work the charity is doing to save animals from extinction.

Our keynote speakers include Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Richard Vigne. Sir Ranulph will discuss his 60-year career, leading exhibitions across the world, the animals he has seen and how habitats have changed since he begun. Richard will talk about his work at Ol Pateja Conservancy, which has been the protected home of the last two Northern White Rhinos.

Drinks and sustainably sourced food bowls will be served throughout the evening, which culminates with an exciting live auction.

A silent auction will also conclude on the night.

Carriages will be at 11pm.

VIP Guests – An Exclusive Experience

If you choose our VIP package, your experience will begin at 5pm where you will be met in the Darwin Centre by Tullis and Sir Ranulph. Prior to our evening guests arriving, you will be shown through the new media lecture theatre where a live virtual tour of the Nature’s SAFE lab in Shropshire will be given.

You will then move into the basement of the Natural History Museum to have an exclusive tour of their modern biobank. You will then be shown through the incredible collection of historic specimen storage jars, where animals have been stored for centuries. Some of the unique specimens contained here have come from Darwin’s voyage on the Beagal, and include species identified by Carl Linneaus.

Following this, the evening guests will then arrive, and the sparkling reception will begin.

The silent auction will go live on 1st November.