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Join our team! Volunteer Honorary Secretary Role

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Nature’s SAFE is a living tissue biobank, preserving live cells from animals threatened with extinction. In a time of declining biodiversity, Nature’s SAFE aims to provide an insurance policy for the world’s most threatened wildlife. We collaborate with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria to safeguard live reproductive cells and cell lines collected after neutering or from deceased individuals of threatened animal species. If needed in the future, these cells can be brought out of storage, and with endangered species breeding programmes, be used to assist in sustainable repopulation in the event of extinction. We endeavour to prevent extinction and protect biodiversity for generations to come.


Nature’s SAFE is on a mission to Save Animals From Extinction by collecting, indefinitely storing and regenerating reproductive cells and cell lines from endangered animal species.


Job Title: Honorary Secretary (volunteer)

Time Commitment: The Board currently meets four times a year and the Honorary Secretary is expected to prepare for and attend all these meetings. In addition, you will need to communicate with other members of the team – usually electronic or by telephone - and assist in subcommittee meetings as required

Salary: Volunteer role with expenses covered where agreed

Reporting to: Charity Chair, Board of Trustees and staff members


  • Preparation of Board Meetings: With the Charity Chair and Subcommittee Chairs, prepare the timetable of Board meetings for the year ahead, including notifications of dates with follow up reminders and video conference links, reminders to the Trustees of which reports they are required to give at the meetings, preparation, finalisation and dissemination of the agenda, minutes and other documents as required. Recording and minute taking of board meetings.

  • Trustee Assistance: Working with the Trustees to ensure they complete their actions in a timely manner. Issuing annual compliance forms for Trustees to complete, receipt of forms, chasing up the forms and filing them with the Books.

  • Preparation of the Annual General Meeting: sending out invitations to the meeting, followed by agendas and then a follow up email to all Members/Sponsors/Donors etc.


The successful candidate will:

  • High level of literacy skills and knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Be able to present information clearly and concisely in verbal and written communications.

  • Have a proven ability to work in and contribute to a team environment.


  • Have previous experience in a secretarial role.

  • Knowledge of charity law and regulations.


To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to

DEADLINE: 7th April 2023

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