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Nature's SAFE invites you to our first FREE live webinar - Cryopreservation for Conservation

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Join us at 7:00pm GMT 3rd November 2021

In case you missed it, our Cryopreservation for Conservation webinar can be watched now here:

An exclusive behind the scenes glimpse into a living biobank - and those fighting to save species from extinction.

We use the latest technology to store somatic cells (non-reproductive cells) and gametes (reproductive cells) from endangered animals in a way that ensures their viability for future regeneration.

With case studies and exclusive interviews from our expert panel:

• Tullis Matson, Chair (Stallion AI Services Ltd)

• Dr Sue Walker, Vice-Chair (Chester Zoo)

• Dr Rhiannon Bolton, Charity Coordinator and Conservation Scientist

• Professor Suzannah Williams, Chief Scientist (Oxford University)

• Lucy Morgan, Scientific Advisor (Gemini Genetics)

• Dr Linda Penfold, Scientific Advisor (South East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation)

• Matt Pettit, Scientific Advisor (IMT International)

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