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Who We Are

Our work would not be possible without our incredible team. 

Committee Members

Dr Robert Browne

Prior to embarking on a scientific career as a mature-age student, I gained experience in corporate management, technology, arts, and media. In 2000, I obtained my PhD from Newcastle University in Australia. Since then, my scientific journey has encompassed a wide range of globally collaborative research programs focused on achieving Biodiversity Sustainability. These endeavors have fostered extensive networking opportunities and contributed to scientific and technical advancements in the utilization of Biobanking for amphibian conservation. I have also researched and advocated for amphibian welfare by emphasizing the importance of UV lighting and fostering micronutrient-rich environments to promote health and reproduction.

My publications span diverse scientific research fields, including amphibian reproduction technologies, Biobanking, nutrition, pathology, growth and development, taxonomy, husbandry, and Conservation Breeding Program design. Furthermore, I have delved into terrestrial and marine ecology, contributed to invertebrate and fish taxonomy, and currently engage in research exploring hormonal effects on prenatal development, amphibian physiology, and the evolutionary ecology of reproduction. However, my ultimate environmental passion and lifelong goal revolve around fostering a global program for Biobanking threatened species, in recognition of the profound tragedy of their permanent loss on a global and generational scale.

I reside in a small fishing village in Belize, Central America, where I actively contribute to community development, particularly in the realms of social and political progress. My efforts are focused on advancing educational and social opportunities for women and children, while also supporting government initiatives aimed at eliminating social violence.

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