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Corporate Participation

Strengthen Your "Sustainability DNA"
to operate both profitably and mindfully

Earth and Space

Our natural world is in flux

As the world gears up for actions to address the biodiversity and climate crises over the next decade, the challenge we are facing is not small. It’s going to take all of us; businesses, governments, and citizens, to invest in our planet, and it is clear the time for investing is now.

For businesses, operating sustainably has become an essential component of commercial success

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency around how a business is working to fulfil their environmental and social responsibility. Unlocking this conscious model of operation relies on building strong stakeholder relationships and aligning with initiatives that can demonstrate tangible impact. As expectations rise and global regulations expand, many organisations still don’t have a solution to the current climate/environmental equation they are expected to solve. Businesses that will thrive over the next decade know their responsibility to sustainability will need to be a value that leads decisions, both internally and on a wider scale by partnering with dedicated conservation organisations.

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Work with Nature's SAFE

As a conservation charity, Nature’s SAFE works with world-leading reproductive scientists and environmental organisations to save animals from extinction. The work of the charity is founded in science and technology and provides the missing piece of the puzzle in biodiversity preservation.


 Consider becoming a Species Champion and get your whole team engaged in saving a species!

Why work with Nature’s SAFE?

Find our full online brochure here!

By working with businesses and organisations, Nature’s SAFE aims to drive innovative conservation results that would not otherwise be possible. We are impatient optimists, eager to pioneer science to secure confidence in a brighter future for wildlife on our planet. We’re doing tomorrow, today. 


Aligning your company’s product with a biodiversity focussed charitable cause is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your values as a brand, and make biodiversity part of your companies long-term vison for sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance). But perhaps of greatest importance is impact on staff. Research shows that employees who believe they work in an sustainable and ethical environment are six times more likely to be loyal. Aligning your company with Nature's SAFE will open new opportunities and boost staff motivation, pride and satisfaction.

You will be investing in a major step-change for nature. Your collaboration with Nature’s SAFE will enable us to create a living biobank of endangered species, from the tiny mouse deer all the way to the magnificent Rhino – and everything in between that needs to be safely stored.

Nature’s SAFE collects and indefinitely stores tissue samples that can be regenerated, so we never have to lose our most iconic endangered species. You will be contributing directly to bold new actions to preserve options for our future, and you will be inspiring more people everywhere to make positive changes for people and planet.

We share Nature’s SAFE’s core vision and admire it’s swift actions working with established zoos and conservationists to build a Living Biobank. We’re truly excited to partner with Nature’s SAFE and help preserve our wonderful natural world on the ground and in the air!

                ~ Buzz Hicks, Tilstock Skydive, Shropshire.

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We want to hear from the growing movement of responsible business and enterprise leaders  who are determined to create lasting value and to support biodiversity conservation approaches that will lead to humanity and wildlife thriving in our collective future. At least 50 different genetic lines are needed to save one species. £100 to preserve one animal, costing just £5000 to preserve one species. If this sounds like you, or you have other ideas as to how we could work together, find out more by contacting our Fundraising Officer,


Contribute to biobanking, operations, or the tools that make our work possible.

  • Corporate gift

  • Corporate partnership via: Percentage of sale, Round-up, Matching funds

  • Gifts in kind


Rally your employees and customers to fundraise and help spread the word

  • Employee fundraising

  • Customer fundraising

  • Community outreach


Help shine a bigger spotlight on the biodiversity crisis and the impact of our work

  • Brand product partnership

  • Gifted social media

  • Event sponsorship integration

*Nature’s SAFE retains the right to reject support from any organisation or individual whose objectives or activities are incompatible with our own objectives and values.

Many Thanks to Our Corporate Partners

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