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Nature’s SAFE
at the Natural History Museum

Nature’s SAFE are delighted to announce, and invite you to their inaugural charity event – ‘Nature’s SAFE at the Natural History Museum. The evening will showcase the work Nature’s SAFE are doing and you will hear from internationally renowned speakers shining a light on global conservation efforts, and the ongoing work that must be done.


Natural History Museum

23rd February 2023

Dorothy Hopwood


Dorothy is jumping for wildlife, she says "I've been scared of heights all my life -  but what better way to celebrate being 70 than to jump out of a plane and benefit a great charity at the same time. "

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Dorothy Hopwood.jpg

70th Birthday Skydive !

Nov 2023

Thomas Trevor

From viewing badgers at their den as a young lad to watching elephants swimming in a lake in Africa - Thomas is determined to show his warm-hearted love of wildlife by running a Marathon. You can follow his training runs during the chilliest time of the year at his fundraising page.

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elephant swimming lake kariba_edited.jpg

Running the Yeovil Half Marathon

26th March 2023

Sue Jones

To celebrate her 60th year Sue is took on the challenge of cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Accompanied by 5 other senior cyclists, Sue's group may be the oldest group of hopefuls ever to have attempted LEJOG ! She will tackled 1007 miles in 12 days, setting off on Monday 18 July 2022.

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Sue Raised a Golly Gosh Amazing  £3,595.00 - every penny counts!

Cycling in the Countryside

Bike Ride Lands End to John O'Groats July 2022

 Jump for Nature's SAFE

We've teamed up with local business Tilstiock Skydive to offer you the change to Tandem Skydive and raise money for Nature's SAFE


What could be more fun than jumping out of a plane ?

You need to raise a Minimum of £400 to jump for free. Contact us or full details.

Natures SAFE Skydive.jpg

 Run for Nature's SAFE

In 2021 runners taking part in the Chester Zoo Run Raised £1,430 for Nature's SAFE. 


Would you like to run for Nature's SAFE in 2023 ?  Click below to contact us and we can talk you through the process - you could select any run, anywhere in the UK.

Chester Zoo running team.jpg

Thank You !

Raised £1,430 in 2021

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Get featured on our wall of fundraising heroes ! We'd love to know more about what you've got planned and why you decided to raise funds for Nature's SAFE.


Get in touch with a staff member and share your story about making a long-lasting impact.

Sean Levick/I7Technologies

i7 Technologies are walking up Snowdon Saturday 9th July to raise money for the Charity Nature's Safe. We will be traversing the Rhydd Ddu (Black Ford) path all for a fantastic cause!

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Sean Raised a Fabulous £140 - every penny counts!

Man in Nature

Walked Snowden 9 July 2022