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Verity Smith, blind international dressage champion, is the newest ambassador for Nature’s SAFE

Verity Smith, known for her achievements as an international dressage rider and advocate for the blind, is joining our team as a Nature’s SAFE ambassador. This partnership brings together Verity's passion for advocacy and Nature’s SAFE's dedication to preserving biodiversity.


Verity's personal and professional journey has been one of resilience and determination. Despite losing her sight to encephalitis, her love for animals, particularly horses, has remained unwavering. As a champion dressage rider, she has become a vocal advocate for inclusivity and empowerment, challenging stereotypes and advocating for accessibility on various fronts.


As Verity embraces her role as ambassador for Nature’s SAFE, she brings with her a deep understanding of the important relationship between humans and animals, with her guide dog Luna by her side.


“As a blind international dressage rider, animals have always been intrinsic to my life. My guide dogs have afforded me my physical freedom and my horses have allowed me my freedom of spirit.  We need to protect these beautiful creatures for  no matter how big or small, domestic or exotic, like us they all play a part in nature’s scheme. I am so delighted to be an ambassador for Nature’s SAFE as they are doing just that, protecting  species for the future and in doing so they are  giving hope to us all in the present.“


Through her advocacy for Nature’s SAFE, Verity hopes to inspire others to help protect Earth’s precious biodiversity, reminding us that every individual has the power to make a difference. We look forward to a bright future with Verity at our side.

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