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Lymm Truckwash and Nature’s SAFE form corporate partnership

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Lymm Truckwash, Europe’s largest Truckwash, has partnered with Nature’s SAFE an environmental charity that aims to safeguard the future of the natural world and help to save animals from extinction, as part of their new Green Policy.

Nature’s SAFE is one of Europe’s first living biobanks dedicated to endangered animal species. The charity is on a mission to save animals from extinction by collecting, indefinitely storing and regenerating reproductive cells and cell lines from endangered animal species. The charity relies on public, private and corporate donations to fund its critical work.

As a business committed to environment, social and governance (ESG) goals and expanding its positive environmental reach, Lymm Truckwash is investing in wildlife by partnering with the charity as part of its new Green Policy. The new policy was recently introduced at Lymm Truckwash with the aim of lessening carbon emissions and supporting eco initiatives wherever possible. The business will also be donating 5p per truck washed towards the charity

By supporting Nature’s SAFE, Lymm Truckwash hope to raise awareness of the harmful affects that carbon levels can have on biodiversity including animals, plants, fungi and even microorganisms which all form an intricate ecosystem to maintain the air we breathe, our climate, and our own existence. It is especially important for the carbon heavy transport industry to recognise the importance reducing carbon in order to halt and reverse the loss of this natural infrastructure.

Laura Cardwell, Managing Director of Lymm Truckwash, commented: “We are very excited to partner with Nature’s SAFE at such a critical time in its development. The aims and goals of the charity are so imperative and being able to work together to bring awareness and funding is a real privilege.”

Dr Rhiannon Bolton, Co-founder and Charity Coordinator of Nature’s SAFE, commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Lymm Truckwash to achieve our common aim of protecting and enhancing the environment.”

Trustee Debbie Rolmanis added: “Lymm Truckwash is demonstrating exceptional environmental leadership for the service industry and we are incredibly grateful to be working with them to expand our mutual impact”.

It costs around £100 to process one sample and financial support from Lymm Truckwash will enable Nature’s SAFE to add critically needed samples to the 114 species that are already safely stored. Lymm Truckwash will be implementing an array of fundraising activities in order to raise funds for the charity, including competitions, charity raffles and raising awareness at our regular Driver Days.

Find out more about Lymm Truckwash:

To find out more about Nature’s SAFE, please visit:

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