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Who We Are

Our work would not be possible without our incredible team. 


Kate Ashmore, Director & General Manager at Stallion AI Services, Cryogenetics & Gemini Genetics 
BSc Equine Science

Since 2010 Kate has served as the General Manager at Stallion AI Services, where she was appointed a Director in 2017.  With strong leadership qualities, Kate has facilitated large growth within the businesses, cementing Stallion AI Services as a global leader in equine assisted reproduction and cryopreservation techniques.  

With a keen interest in business and economics, Kate studied Advanced Business from 2000-2002 and later, prompted by a lifelong passion for horses, went on to study Equine Science at the University of Wolverhampton, gaining an honours degree in 2005. 

Kate spent the next five years working in equine assisted reproduction at several of the UK’s largest sport horse stud farms, before joining Stallion AI Services in 2010. 

Kate Ashmore Profile Photo.jpg

Since joining the company, Kate has worked to establish several sister companies including, Cryogenetics and Gemini Genetics within which she continues to act as General Manager.  In this role Kate focuses on improving efficiency and increasing profits, she is responsible for the overall operations of all three companies, including staff management, overseeing budgets, research and development, employing marketing strategies and customer service.


Kate is fervent about endangered species conservation, stemming from her involvement in equine specific preservation projects at Stallion AI Services.  Stallion AI Services focuses a proportion of its research and development activities on the plight of rare and endangered equine breeds threatened with extinction and continues to work closely with the Rare Breed Survival Trust, individual breed societies and Zoos.  In recent years, the company has invested heavily to develop and transfer their specialist skill set and techniques, to aid all endangered species at threat of extinction.

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