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Who We Are

Our work would not be possible without our incredible team. 


Matthew Pettit - General Manager for IMT International Ltd
BSc Biology

Matt is the General Manager for IMT International Ltd, responsible for the development and implementation of Matcher, an electronic witnessing and quality management system for IVF clinics and for the provision of Cryopreservation systems to animal breeding programmes.

After gaining a degree in Biology at the University of Wales in 1990, Matt worked in Research and Development at the cattle breeding company, ‘Genus Plc. ’, specialising in Bovine and Equine sperm processing and semen evaluation techniques.  After establishing a stallion semen freezing unit at Australasia’s largest standard-bred ranch, ‘Alabar Bloodstock’, Matt took up the post of Manager of Research and Development at the Duke of Westminster’s bovine sperm sexing facility, ‘Cogent’.  Cogent were the first company in the world to be issued a licence to sex sperm by flow cytometry and achieved the world’s first commercially sexed offspring in 2001, using techniques now widely adopted by the global dairy and beef industries.



Matt joined IMT International in 2005 as General Manager and is responsible for managing the IMT International development team, overseeing the sales and marketing of products, and manages quality management, training and customer service.  


Matt’s professional qualifications include: BSc Biology; Quality Manager for ISO9001; Manager for Development of technology for ART (Cryopreservation and Quality Management); Speaker on error prevention, quality and risk management in IVF laboratories from theory to practice; GaMP (Good automated manufacturing practice) framework for system validation.

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