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Skydiving to Save Species

Roger Dixon is jumping out of a plane because 40,000 species are threatened with extinction!

Roger Dixon BVM&S CertAVP(ESM) MRCVS, Clinical Director at Ashbrook Equine Hospital is jumping out of a plane to help halt and reverse the loss of 40,000 species threatend with extinction. Roger is willing to fly through the air, assisted not by wings, but a skydiving chute to help raise money for Nature’s SAFE.

Nature’s SAFE is one of Europe’s largest living biobanks for preserving endangered animal species, and home to some of the planet’s most precious natural resources right here in Whitchurch, Shropshire. Nature’s SAFE began its work in late 2020, and acts as an insurance policy to preserve rare, and threatened animals, so they can be protected for generations to come.

Currently, 100 animal species are lost each day to extinction, and as the last few species die, their genetic blueprint is removed forever from our planet. Nature’s SAFE partners with accredited zoos (including Chester Zoo) to collect and process tissue and reproductive cell samples from threatened and endangered species, storing them in an indefinitely cryopreserved living state. Once thawed, these stored living cells can be used in assisted reproductive technologies to maintain genetic diversity in the species gene pool, and to regenerate species.

You too could do something amazing – and jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane for charity!! Skydiving for charity is the most popular way of experiencing the sport and you can jump for any charity you like - but please select us ! You can arrange to jump directly through our partner Tilstock Skydive. They operate a small skydiving club to the highest standards of safety, under the regulatory body of the British Parachute Association. Their sky diving instructors have combined jump numbers in excess of 25,000 jumps, and have decades of experience. Click on their logo to read more about how to book and skydive for Nature's SAFE.

If you are planning on jumping for “free” – you’ll need to take the cost of the jump out of the money you raise. The minimum amount of money to be raised cis £400, and you will need to pay a small despoit. Skydiving for charity is something that everyone gets excited about! Let everyone know that you’re involved by following our advertising suggestions:

  • Get your fundraising plans out there on social media. it’s a great platform for getting sponsors and letting them know how the plans are progressing.

  • Donors can donate via online services like Just Giving.

  • Don’t forget to ask your close friends and family to donate.

  • Your workplace may be able to help you with your fundraising by matching any donations made, in return for a little mention.

  • Contact your local press and radio station and let them know what you’re up to. We can help you can write an engaging piece for your local paper that can boost your sponsorship numbers.

  • Setup a signature on your emails with a link to your fundraising page. It’ll go out to everyone you email!

We know if we don’t act now to build a safeguard for the future, it will be too late.

Help us to Save Animals From Extinction

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